Keystate $400 Million Project in Clinton County PA Continues to Move Ahead According to Perry Babb, Chairman and acting Chief Executive Officer

Keystate plans to extract natural gas and capture CO2 generated in the manufacturing process and store it on site underground and eliminate a high percentage of emissions from reaching the air.

“We are making something with our own gas and capturing the CO2 from that manufacturing process and storing it underground,” said Babb. “This leaves a low carbon product called ‘Blue Ammonia, which is used for industrial practices, medical practices, and agricultural practices.”

With carbon capture and storage, the company is heling to decrease CO2 emissions by 50 percent per ton of ammonia. Ammonia is the combination of hydrogen along with the nitrogen from the air. Lower-carbon and lower-cost hydrogen and ammonia are part of the coming low carbon economy.”

“I have spoken at several energy conferences recently where most of the people were natural gas producers,” Babb continued. “They were in shock that there was a low-carbon future for natural gas. It is not an either-or situation. Natural gas is responsibly produced and combined with carbon capture and storage are imperative to meeting climate objectives. Combining carbon storage with drilling wells will kick off a new industry.”

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