H2 & Carbon Capture Newsletter #11 | April 4, 2022

Westinghouse’s Breakthrough eVinci Reactor

Westinghouse Electric Company, a nuclear energy icon is developing a reactor, which changes everything. Get a first hand early view of the future of emissions free, saleable, cost managed Nuclear.

2022 Hydrogen & CCS Conference

e-Vinci ‘Micro-reactor’ is simple sophisticated

Presenting eVinci, a “micro-reactor” a simple design, that is sophisticated. eVinci’s is based on demonstrated technology that can allow remote locations and distributed power production access to clean (non-carbon emissions), reliable energy.

Nuclear Battery Concept

eVinci employs a nuclear battery concept as the energy generator. It delivers combined heat and power 5 megawatts-electric from a compact core, and fully enclosed in a protective canister. That canister can be transported by road, rail and sea. Total land area needed for an eVinci installation is just 1.5 acres.

Perfect for hydrogen

The micro-reactor also is perfect for manufacturing hydrogen as some of the newer processes being developed to manufacture hydrogen use temperatures over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and eVinci can generate over 1,300F.

Join us and hear from Micheal Valore, Westinghouse’s Sr. Director – Advanced Reactor Commercialization Energy Systems.

April 21, 2022 H2-CCS Conference

The following companies will also be presenting:

— Wishgard LLC


— Equinor

— Shell Polymers

— US Steel

— Long Ridge Energy

— The American Petroleum Institute (API)

— KeyState to Zero

Don’t miss an opportunity, Register now. We are down to 38 seats and the previous two conferences have sold out – this will as well.


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