H2 & Carbon Capture Newsletter #10 | April 1, 2022

Monolith Exploring Opportunities in the Appalachian Basin

Monolith utilizes methane/natural gas and 100% renewable or clean electricity in a process known as methane pyrolysis to produce carbon black and hydrogen – carbon neutral. It is a game changing technology.

2022 Hydrogen & CCS Conference

Carbon Black and Hydrogen

The demand for carbon black and hydrogen is growing exponentially. Subsequently, Monolith is looking to expand in the U.S. — including the Appalachian Basin.

Learn what Monolith’s move in the Appalachian Basin could mean for the region and your company.

Companies presenting April 21, H2-CCS Conference


— Equinor

— Shell Polymers

— US Steel

— Westinghouse

— Long Ridge Energy

— The American Petroleum Institute (API)

— KeyState to Zero

70% of the conference seats have been sold out. The conference is 4 weeks away. The previous two conferences were sold out.

Don’t miss an opportunity, Register now.

Tom Gellrich 267-205-1263 tom.gellrich@h2-ccs-network.com

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