H2 & Carbon Capture Newsletter #5 | October 14, 2021

Pipelines an issue for Hydrogen and CCS?

With a clear multi decade track record, pipelines are the safest, lowest emission, and cheapest method to transport oil and gas. They are also the weak link for antis to disrupt the oil and gas industry. These disruptions add uncertainty, constrain growth, lengthen timelines and increase costs.

Pipeline battles include Keystone, Constitution, Dakota Access, Mountain Valley and more. They left behind a legacy of underinvestment, stranded exploration assets, and higher costs for all participants including the end consumer.

What about emissions free Hydrogen and CCS?

Transporting emissions free Hydrogen and CO2 to sequestration sites is good for the environment. Logically, environmental activists should view this positively. Sorry, for including activists and logically in the same sentence. Antis. How will they view Hydrogen and CCS pipelines?

Hydrogen Pipeline in California – no opposition!

A pipeline is under conversion to transport hydrogen. What is interesting is the location in California – anti territory. The pipeline will move hydrogen from the Long Beach areas of Paramount (named for the studio) to Carson – through residential area.

Public hearing notifications were sent to the 8,000 properties along the route including the quote “significant hazard to the public or the environment through reasonably foreseeable upset and accident conditions involving the release of hazardous materials into the environment.” Sounds scary and makes for a good rallying cry!

There were no voices in opposition at the public input segment during the council meeting reviewing the project. Is this a breakthrough in the pipeline battles?

CCS Pipelines are seeing opposition

Bio-ethanol is blended with gasoline to reduce tailpipe emissions. The production of bio-ethanol from farm crops releases CO2. Two major projects, one supported by Summit Carbon Solutions (a speaker at the November 11 2021 Conference seek to capture the CO2 and sequester it underground.

The $4.5 billion dollar, 5 state Summit Carbon Solutions project will be a major job stimulator. It should be an environmental win – reducing tailpipe and bio-ethanol CO2 emissions. It already has Anti opposition.

“CO2 pipelines are a questionable attempt to prop up fossil fuels by taking advantage of government subsidies while providing a pretense that they are environmentally friendly,” said Ken Winston of the Nebraska Sierra Club.

This is despite studies which support CCS as a critical part of the fight against climate.

The entire fight over the color of hydrogen is a weak link in the anti agenda, The color of hydrogen is difficult to explain with clarity. The argument of 90% carbon emissions reduction via CCS is clear. A disconnect with the public over the wrong issue is the Achilles Hell for the Antis.

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