H2 and Carbon Capture Newsletter #1 | July 28, 2021

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Tom Gellrich and I recognized after our Spring Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference that is a dearth of information about hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration information available anywhere. 

Where are the projects?  What the size of the projects?  Who’s leading the project?  

To answer these questions we created H2-CCS Network.

Trillions of dollars are going to be spent and you want your company to have the best and latest information which you can leverage  for your company’s growth in these markets. 

The benefits to Joining the Network are considerable.  Your company will be better position to be an early mover and and get a head start in capturing these early hydrogen generating and carbon capture sequestration projects.

Tom and I are committed to making Network Companies a huge success in the new evolving markets.

Please reach to us with your questions and comments regarding Joining the Network!

Best regards,

Joe Barone                                            

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