H2 and Carbon Capture Newsletter #14 | March 21, 2023

Bid in for $500 DOE climate grant for direct air carbon capture

Two companies developing technology to suck carbon out of the air, Switzerland’s Climeworks and California’s Heirloom, have teamed with non-profit firm Battelle to bid for a $500 million U.S. grant to commercialize the climate-friendly technology. 3/15/2023 Reuters


UK Makes £20 Billion Bet on Carbon Capture Race

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt on Wednesday officially committed as much as £20 billion ($24 billion) over the next two decades for local carbon capture and storage projects that pump emissions underground. CCS, which isn’t yet used at scale, is crucial to the UK’s net zero emissions target and will help expand green jobs. 3/15/2023 Bloomberg


Pennsylvania wants to regulate carbon dioxide storage wells, state plans to tell the feds

Injection well primacy is one of several pillars that advocates of the hydrogen/carbon storage hub believe will be needed to advance the concept. 3/162023 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Breaking down the CCUS basins – Appalachia Oriskany

With low modelled injection volumes, hub-scale or large single-emitter sequestration projects will be difficult. “Our current view is that CO2 storage potential in Appalachia is very limited as the underlying reservoirs are thin with low porosity and permeability,” said Brad Johnston, a senior geology associate with EIR and report author. “The Appalachia region accounts for about 8% of U.S. CO2emissions but lacks any significant storage projects.” 3/15/2023 Enverus


Aramco doubles down on blue hydrogen and ammonia

The Saudi NOC plans to produce 11mn t/yr of blue ammonia by 2030. State-owned Saudi Aramco plans to focus on producing blue hydrogen and ammonia amid a ramp-up of both gas production and CCS technology, rather than investing in renewables to power electrolysis, according to its 2022 annual report. 3/14/2023 Hydrogen Economist


Carbon Storage and Hydrogen: Match Made in Heaven?

Making hydrogen from natural gas and storing carbon emissions in oil and gas reservoirs could be best bet for safe, economical low-carbon hydrogen, study says. 3/14/2023 IEEE Spectrum


Three potential benefits of hydrogen trucking

In the U.S., long-haul heavy-duty trucking accounts for nearly half of the nation’s on-road, carbon-emitting diesel fuel consumption and roughly 13% of U.S. transportation greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, this type of trucking—like marine shipping and aviation—is an end-use case where vehicle weight and energy needs can make it hard to decarbonize with on-board batteries alone. 3/14/2023 CATF


Technology not to blame for carbon capture’s failure to launch

The U.S. subsidizes CCS with a tax credit, expanded by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, that awards emitters up to $85 per tonne of CO2 captured. Now, less than one year later, a bipartisan bill introduced in the Senate on Feb. 28 would further expand the 45Q tax credit program. 3/13/2023 S&P Global


US Steel explores carbon capture with CarbonFree

US Steel is exploring carbon capture with the emission mineralization specialist CarbonFree Chemicals. Preliminary plans are to install CarbonFree equipment with the capacity to capture 50,000 metric tons (t) of carbon dioxide per year. The firm’s SkyCycle technology is a modular system that reacts CO2 with alkaline materials to produce calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid. 3/12/2023 C&EN


New study finds salt deposits could serve as a hydrogen storage tank

Large underground salt deposits could also be beneficial for CO2 storage and geothermal. Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin’s Bureau of Economic Geology have found that large underground salt deposits could be used for hydrogen storage, influence carbon dioxide storage, and conduct heat to geothermal plants. 3/9/2023 Hydrogen Fuel News


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