Wampum Hardware

  • Wampum Hardware is one of the leading businesses providing explosives and complete blasting services to the oil and gas industry, coal mines, site development, seismic exploration, pipelines and quarries of Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.

    Today, 90% of Wampum’s business is contract blasting – making it one of the largest blasting companies in North America in terms of shot service. Over 200 employees, many with more than 20 years of service staff the company. Wampum employs over 90 licensed blasters, licensed in five states. Its fleet of equipment continues to grow, and presently includes 23 large diameter drills, 60 bulk blasting agent trucks and 9 tractors for trailer delivery, Wampum crews are known for being a hard-working, safety oriented bunch, always capable of overcoming the most demanding blasting challenges

    Contract Blasting
    Technical Services
    – 2D and 3D Profiling
    – Bore Tracking
    – Blast Analysis
    – Vibration Monitoring
    – Signature Hole Analysis
    Industrial Minerals
    – Coal Mining
    Surface applications
    Underground applications
    Shaft, Slope applications and Face up
    – Aggregate Mining
    Surface applications
    Underground applications
    Shaft and Face up
    Construction Blasting
    – Heavy Highway Site Development
    – Utility (Sewer, Water and Gas)
    – Demolition Support
    Seismic Exploration
    – Blaster Services
    – Delivery Services
    – Magazine Storage
    – Site Security
    Compliance Regulation
    Blasting Permitting
    Explosive Storage Permitting
    DEP, ATF and Fire Marshall

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