Long Ridge Energy Generation

Long Ridge is completing construction of the Long Ridge Energy Generation Project, one of the most energy efficient power plants of any type in the world. The plant has capacity to export 485megawatts and provides long-term, low-cost power to energy users in the region. The facility is compact, low-impact and significantly more advanced than earlier generations of natural gas plants.

With commercial operations planned for August 2021, Long Ridge has plans to transition the combined-cycle power plant to run on carbon-free hydrogen. It will be the first purpose-built hydrogen-burning power plant in the United States and the first worldwide to blend hydrogen in a GE H-class gas turbine. The plant utilizes a GE 7HA.02 combustion turbine, which can burn between 15-20% hydrogen (by volume) initially, with the capability to transition to 100% hydrogen over time.

Long Ridge can provide both onsite and offsite industrial energy users with low cost, long-term power under power purchase agreements. 


The Long Ridge Energy Generation Project is located at the site of the former Ormet aluminum smelter, which operated for over half a century until its closure in 2013. The Project will serve as a cornerstone for new economic development, providing low cost and reliable electricity needed to keep the region competitive.

The Long Ridge Energy Generation Project has employed up to 500 skilled craft laborers at the peak of construction.  The facility has hired approximately 20 permanent staff of highly skilled personnel for operations and maintenance.

Including the local, well-paying jobs, the project was projected to generate statewide economic impacts of nearly $200 million during the construction period and over $20 million per year once operational.

Long Ridge is committed to being a good neighbor and helping Monroe County to grow and prosper for decades to come.

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