Kenexis is a process safety consulting engineering firm providing technical safety services during design and operation for industries that manage risks related to chemicals or stored energy.

The company focuses on the oil & gas industry, green energy process including hydrogen and lithium battery storage systems, and chemical industries.

The Kenexis technical safety engineers analyze risks of any process under control or material in containment to quantify the hazard using various hazards analysis methods, design reduction targets, design the safety requirements specifications, and ensure the selected targets are met through SIL Verification and acceptance testing and validation. Analysis is done using a risk-based process where the selected equipment, maintenance, and testing procedures are tailored to specific requirements of an application. The risk-based approach yields a design that provides the required risk reduction at a manageable cost.

Kenexis provides ISA/IEC 61511 process safety consulting engineering services for OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM).

In addition to services, we offer technical safety training and software. Classroom and online training designed process safety personnel including operators, engineers, and management. Technical safety software supports PHA HAZOP LOPA Documentation, Validation & Auditing, Fault-tree Analysis, SIL Verification & SIS Management, Procedural Design & Execution, and Fire & Gas Mapping software.


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