HYTORC Penn Ohio

HYTORC is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of industrial bolting systems, with over 50 years of experience focused entirely on developing the highest quality systems.

Hytorc Penn-Ohio Sales, LLC is a Sales, Service and Rental company serving the industrial bolting needs of Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. HYTRORC has developed solutions for every bolting application imaginable and offers Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric tooling.

For the highest level of safety, speed and accuracy, the HYTORC washer and HYTORC nut offer un-compromised bolting efficiency. HYTORC is dedicated to using the knowledge they have gained through their sole focus on industrial bolting to reduce customers’ operating costs and improve efficiency in the following areas:

Job Time Reduction – Reduce bolting by at least 50%

Manpower Reduction – Significantly reduce the number of people required per bolting job.

Job Quality Assurance – Equipment and software to ensure 100% joint integrity.

Safety Enhancements – Hands-free operations at a safe distance to provide the highest level of operator safety Tooling Lifespan.

Enhancements – TORCsafe preventative maintenance program increases the lifespan of your equipment through regular service and calibration.

Call 1-800-538-2540 to schedule a free consultation. Also, ask how your rental can pay for your new tooling! 

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