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Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Sequestration (CCS) projects will be coming faster and furious as Wall Street’s ESG’s funds, the federal government and Big Oil rush to address climate change.

This website will be the primary source for the latest information on hydrogen and CCS projects throughout the United States. Companies come to our site looking for industry information, but also companies that can work in that hydrogen and CCS space.

Get your company listed in our directory to maximize your opportunities to participate in the exponential growth coming to these industries.

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  1. Promote your products and services that meet the needs of the hydrogen generation and CCS. It will be your company’s Hydrogen and CCS website.
  2. Receive the H2-CCS newsletter with proprietary information about hydrogen and CCS projects. Get “insider” information about these projects.
  3. Schedule a monthly marketing call with H2-CCS consultants to have one-on-one discussions about the current industry status.
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