What Is the Status of Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Initiatives?


What Is the Status of Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Initiatives?


The passage of the Bilateral Infrastructure Bill and the Inflation Reduction Act have billions budgeted for hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration.  The Feds have not distributed these funds.  Many corporations, organizations and businesses are wondering what is the status of the programs.


Questions are being asked.


The most common questions being asked are, “Is there still an opportunity? When are these funds coming out?  How do we prepare our team?”


All these questions have companies and organization wondering where do they go for latest best information.  There’s an easy answer the Appalachian Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference IV on November 10, 2022 at Southpointe in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.  The conference will feature a number of speakers who work closely with the Department of Energy and understand the workings of Washington and the oil and gas industry.


“There is so much unknown about the distribution of these funds that we felt obligated to find the best speakers to provide the latest, most accurate information,” stated Tom Gellrich, CEO & Founder, H2 CCS Network.


Since the conference is two days after the mid-term elections, speakers will also provide a perspective on the new Congress and Senate and what it may mean to the hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration initiative as well as the oil and gas industry in general. Gellrich further added, “The election results will make conference even more relevant.”


Companies and individuals interested in attending are encouraged to register as early as possible because previous conferences were sold out.


Registration information.  www.appahydrogencarbon.com

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