WattPower opens 10 GW solar inverter factory in India

WattPower has inaugurated a string solar inverter factory in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, with an annual production capacity of 10 GW.

From pv magazine India

WattPower has opened a 10 GW string inverter factory in Chennai district, Tamil Nadu.

The factory will produce string PV inverters from a facility sprawling 3.5 acres with a lush green area constituting 40%.

“With a massive $172 million investment in the first year and an initial annual production capacity of 10 GW, WattPower is ready to take the Indian solar PV industry to a global scale,” said WattPower. “With a promising commitment towards creating a sustainable future, the factory will not only contribute to advancing green initiatives but also create 180 direct and indirect jobs empowering India’s job market.”

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The company is based in New Delhi. It also produces solar cells and modules.

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