Unimot to triple PV manufacturing capacity in Poland

Poland’s Unimot Group is expanding its production line for Avia Solar monocrystalline PV modules due to growing demand for products made in Europe.

Unimot Group is expanding its production capacity for Avia Solar PV panels to 45 MW, in a bid to offer its Poland-made products throughout Europe, as near-shoring of PV production continues in the European Union, the United States, and India.

The energy group kicked off monocrystaline PV module production in July 2021 with an initial capacity of 15 MW per year. However, demand for European products prompted it to expand the manufacturing line and increase its capacity threefold.

“The power capacity of photovoltaic installations in Poland is already approximately 12 GW, while government plans assumed a capacity of 10 GW of energy from the sun only in 2040,” said Adam Sikorski, CEO of Unimot. “It’s a trend we’ve been observing throughout Europe, so our goal is to offer our Polish-made panels throughout the European market.”

Unimot Group sells panels under the Avia Solar brand, but it also offers private-label solutions. It targets companies that want to manufacture photovoltaic panels under their own brands.

The company’s production line manufactures solar panels with M12 cells. Avia Solar’s PV modules will be sold in versions ranging from 350 Wp to more than 450 Wp. The modules will feature components from the likes of 3M, Interfloat, and DOW.

Unimot Group, which is a leading independent importer of liquid and gaseous fuels in Poland, says it will not rule out the further expansion of its PV manufacturing line.

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