Turkey’s 1 GW PV tender attracted, so far, a lowest bid of $0.0257/kWh

The Turkish Ministry of Energy has completed, thus far, only the tender’s first 300 MW tranche, and the three winning bids ranged from $0.0257/kWh to $0.0293/kWh

Turkey’s Ministry of Energy has allocated 300 MW of installed PV power in the first tranche of the PV tender it launched in July – the 1 GW YEKA 4 PV tender.

According to the Turkish PV association Günder, the ministry selected three projects with, each, a capacity of 100 MW.

For the three projects, their developers offered prices of TRY0.375/kWh ($0.0257), TRY0.39/kWh ($0.0267), and TRY0.427/kWh ($0.0293), respectively. For comparison, in the previous procurement exercise of the same kind – the 1 GW YEKA 3 PV tender – the lowest bid came in at TRY0.182/kWh.

For the YEKA 4 procurement exercise, the ministry had set a ceiling price of TRY0.40/kWh

The projects selected will receive a 15-year power purchase guarantee. Domestic content requirements for equipment selection are playing an important role in the tender.


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