TSUN launches kit for garden, balcony PV systems

Chinese inverter manufacturer TSUN says its new balcony PV kit consists of one or two 20.7%-efficient solar modules, a 96.7%-efficient microinverter, a bracket, and cables.

TSUN is now offering a new kit to install small PV systems in gardens and on balconies.

“Easy Solar Kit Pop-up is a pre-installed balcony system that simply needs to be unfolded and plugged in, making it ready for use,” the company said, noting that the new product consists of one or two PV modules, a microinverter, a bracket, and cables.

The system features black solar panels with a 400 W power output, 20.7% efficiency, and a temperature coefficient of -0.34% per degree Celsius. The panels measure 1,722 mm x 1,195 mm x 605 mm, weigh 30 kg, have an IP67 protection rating, and come with a 12-year product warranty.

The kit also includes TSUN’s GEN3 series microinverters, available in six versions with output power ranging from 300 W to 600 W. All have an efficiency of 96.7% and a European efficiency of 96.35%. The largest device measures 250 mm x 170 mm x 28 mm and weighs 3 kg, while the smallest measures 178 mm × 153 mm × 28 mm and weighs 1.9 kg.

“Additionally, TSUN offers lightweight panels for their balcony solar systems, enabling easy relocation,” the manufacturer said. “This feature is particularly beneficial for renters who may need to move apartments, allowing them to take their solar PV system along.”

TSUN also offers a vertical installation kit, which integrates easily into railings or walls. It claims that the vertical setup allows for a sleek, unobtrusive installation that maximizes space without affecting building design.


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