Trina Solar achieves 24.5% efficiency for 210 mm p-type PERC solar cell

Trina Solar said the State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology in China has confirmed the efficiency rating of its latest solar panel.

China’s Trina Solar has revealed that it has achieved a power conversion efficiency of 24.5% for a p-type PERC solar cell based on 210 mm wafers.

The results, confirmed by the State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology in China, represents a world record for this cell type, according to the company. In August 2021, the cell still had an efficiency of 23.5%, which means that it has gained one percentage point in less than 12 months.

The company said the increase in efficiency could be attributed to the development of advanced technologies such as multilayer anti-reflection, ultra-fine metallization fingers and super multi-busbar (MBB).

“PERC is a very mature industrial technology with the lowest cost,” said Yifeng Chen, head of Trina Solar’s high efficiency cell and module r&d center.

In March, Trina also set a new world record efficiency of 25.5% for its 210 mm × 210 mm monocrystalline n-type i-TOPCon solar cell. The result was certified by the National Institute of Metrology of China.

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