Switzerland introduces rebate scheme for solar

Switzerland has announced a new one-off incentive model for solar, in order to reimburse up to 60% of investment costs for installations that meet certain criteria. The scheme exists in addition to nonrecurring remunerations for small and large PV installations.

From pv magazine France

On Jan. 1, the Swiss Confederation introduced a “high one-off payment” (HEIV) for solar, in addition to the other existing incentives models: the non-recurring remuneration for small installations (KLEIV), less than 100 kW, and the non-recurring remuneration for large installations (GREIV), more than 100 kW.

The HEIV aims to reimburse up to 60% of the investment costs of installations meeting the conditions below:

  • The installation must have a capacity of at least 2 kW but less than 150 kW
  • All electricity produced must be fed into the grid
  • The installation must operate for 15 years without self-consumption
  • The installation must be commissioned from Jan. 1, 2023

In 2023, the planned HEIV fee per installed kilowatt is CHF 450 ($492). If the PV system is also entitled to a tilt angle bonus, this bonus will also be paid.

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