Swiss CO2 removal leader pitches Gulf Coast hub

CLIMATEWIRE | Direct air capture pioneer Climeworks AG is laying the groundwork to develop over a dozen facilities in the United States capable of permanently removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The order and timeline for building those plants will depend on the $3.5 billion direct air capture (DAC) hub program the Department of Energy is overseeing, according to a top company official. The startup plans to take part in up to four proposals for that funding competition, including one that it’s organizing along the Gulf of Mexico.

“Having that funding available is key to financing the first few projects,” Dirk Nuber, the chief project development officer of Climeworks, told E&E News last week.

“We’re starting already to look at future locations and future projects because there’s so much time that is required to develop those,” he said. “We need another 10, 20 sites in the U.S. to actually get our scale-up roadmap going.”

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