Summit Carbon Solutions Presents the World’s Largest Carbon Capture Project at Fall Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference

Summit Carbon Solutions Presents the World’s Largest Carbon Capture Project at Fall Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference


It’s a safe bet you’ve never heard of the world’s largest carbon capture & sequestration project, a 2,000-mile pipeline-dominated plan costing a privately-financed $4.5 billion.

But the Midwest Carbon Express is unique, combining the carbon dioxide emissions from 31 bioethanol factories in five Midwest states, then transporting the CO2 north to outside Bismarck, ND, where 12 million metric tonnes annually of CO2 will be sequestered underground in permanent storage.

“The 12 million tons of CO2 we will capture, transport and store are equivalent to taking 2.6 million cars of the nation’s highways, is equivalent to the amount of CO2 stored by 14.7 million acres of forest,” according to Christopher Hill, Director of Carbon Permitting for project owner-developer, Summit Carbon Solutions.

Hill told the Midwest Carbon Express story at the recently-held Hydrocarbon & Carbon Capture Conference, held outside Pittsburgh and produced by and H2-CCS Network.

Hill told the roughly 150 conference attendees North Dakota is an ideal state to flow CO2 into, as the state’s portion of the Williston Basin contains up to 250 billion tons of geologic storage potential.

According to Summit Carbon Solutions, the project enables ethanol (produced from homegrown corn) to be produced more sustainably, allowing it to better compete in a “low-carbon” world.

“The long-term viability of the ethanol industry is critical for agriculture and rural America,” the company said.

The federal 45Q tax credit accrues to the owner of the carbon capture sequestration at $50 per ton of CO2 kept from the atmosphere.

Biorefineries (facilities that convert biomass to energy and other products) are ideal for carbon capture & sequestration as their emissions are almost pure CO2 unlike fossil fuel-fired power plants.

“Right now we’re doing 3D seismic for the project,” Hill told his Hydrocarbon & Carbon Capture Conference audience. “Construction begins in the second half of 2023, with the project operational in 2024.”

“The Midwest Carbon Express is an extremely exciting project,” stated Tom Gellrich, Founder, H2-CCS Network.  He further added, “We look forward to having update to this project at future Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Conferences.”


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