Strategically timed, transnational exchange of solar energy

Argentina and Chile are reactivating the Andes Interconnection Line to facilitate the bidirectional exchange of energy. During the day, Argentina will receive 80 MW of solar from Chile, but it will export back 200 MW of natural gas at night.

From pv magazine Latin America

Representatives from the governments of Argentina and Chile, together with Chilean utility AES Andes, have announced a bidirectional energy exchange deal via the Andes Interconnection Line.

The 345 kV transmission line extends 409 kilometers between the Andes substation, in the Chilean region of Antofagasta, and the Cobos substation, in the Argentine province of Salta. During the day, Argentina will receive 80 MW of solar energy from Chile. During the night, it will export 200 MW of natural gas back to Chile.

According to the executive vice-president and COO of AES, Bernerd Da Santos, the agreement will displace diesel generation in Chile during the night, in addition to reducing costs and emissions. During the day, the Chilean electricity grid will be under less pressure from renewables injection.

The Andes Interconnection Line has existed since 2000 and has now been reconnected. It was initially only used to send energy from Argentina to Chile.

The deal aims to address the curtailment of renewable energy in Chile, according to the country’s minister of energy, Diego Pardow. Chile will curtail around 1 TW of renewable energy this year, said Pardow.

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