Spotlight on Proteum Energy

The hydrogen economy is poised for growth as the oil industry comes under increasing pressure to reduce emissions amid calls for increased production to bolster energy security. Proteum Energy® offers a market-ready, proprietary technology that can address both pressures by expanding the producer’s markets into clean energy, reducing Scope 1-3 emissions and increasing ESG benefits by converting ethane and other natural gas liquids (NGLs) into low carbon intensity hydrogen.

As new wells come online, NGL production will increase, as will the amount of stranded and distressed-priced ethane. Proteum’s system, combined with carbon capture and sequestration, utilises lower value ethane to produce higher value clean hydrogen. Proteum’s technology provides oil and gas producers an economically attractive, non-disruptive way to leverage their existing assets and infrastructure to produce hydrogen and participate in the energy transition.

Proteum’s SnMR™ technology

Proteum is an energy transition company that utilises a patented and proprietary technology based on steam non-methane reformation (SnMRTM) to produce clean hydrogen and low carbon intensity hydrogen-rich designer fuels. This system can reform any non-methane hydrocarbon (e.g., ethane) or oxygenated hydrocarbons (e.g., ethanol) feedstock into clean hydrogen, synthetic natural gas (SNG) and CO2. The Proteum system also produces hydrogen-rich designer fuels to meet application-specific requirements, such as Wobbe Index and methane number.

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