Solarspace shifts TOPcon solar cell factory to full capacity

The second-phase launch of Solarspace’s $1.47 billion manufacturing facility brings its total global production capacity of n-type solar cells to 35 GW.

Solarspace Technology has announced the official second-phase launch of n-type tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPcon) PV cell production at its factory in Chuzhou, China, with an annual capacity of 16 GW.

The cell and module manufacturer announced the first phase of the CNY 10.5 billion ($1.47 billion) project in November 2022, with an initial production capacity of 8 GW across 16 production lines.

Solarspace expects the average efficiency of its TOPCon solar cells to reach 24.8% to 25.3%, with the efficiency of the corresponding n-type solar modules reaching around 22.3%. The second-phase launch brings its total global production capacity for solar cells and modules to 35 GW and 6 GW, respectively.

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