SolarPower Europe releases new guidelines for agrivoltaics

SolarPower Europe’s new guidelines for agrivoltaics are designed to support project developers, scientific institutions, and policymakers in developing agrivoltaic schemes. The PV trade body presents business cases from different European countries and shares best practices for O&M and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC).

SolarPower Europe has published “Agrisolar Best Practice Guidelines,” a new guide for the deployment of agrivoltaic projects.

“The goal of these Best Practice Guidelines is to draw on past experience, to offer an overview of existing business cases, trends, innovations, and best practices for implementation, in order to advise local and international actors on how to successfully implement Agrisolar technologies,” said the industry group.

The document describes minimum requirements, best practices, and recommendations for project developers and policymakers. It builds on the experience that the European solar energy association has drawn from its Land Use and Permitting Workstream group.

The report also provides a series of selected business cases from different European countries and presents best practices for EPC and O&M operations. In addition, it introduces the most innovative technologies for the construction of agrivoltaic plants.

“The report is aimed at solar and agricultural companies, investors, landowners, government departments, local authorities, industry associations, scientific research centres, consultancies, suppliers and, more generally, any party interested in Agrisolar,” said SolarPower Europe.

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