Sol-Bright introduces automated robotic cleaning system for utility-scale solar

China’s Sol-Bright Technology has developed a sixth-generation automated robotic cleaning system for solar panels in utility-scale PV installations. The robot features gear transmission and has a cleaning efficiency of minimum 99.5%.

From pv magazine India

Beijing-based Sol-Bright Technology, the world’s largest supplier of automatic robotic cleaning systems (ARCS) for solar panels, has introduced its Gen.6 Robot for utility-scale solar projects in India.

The Gen.6 ARCS features a lightweight design, an aluminum frame to minimize corrosion, and curvilinear body to withstand high winds.

“The robot uses gear transmission, unlike the chain and sprocket mechanism used conventionally. It provides four different levels of protection. Cleaning efficiency is more than 99.5%. Availability is also more than 99%,” Kumar Shailendra, country head for Sol-Bright Technologies India, told pv magazine. “So, if you have bought 100 robots, out of 100 only one robot will go under breakdown at one point of time.”

Shailendra said Sol-Bright Technology has shipped solar panel cleaning robots for around 17 GW of PV projects around the world.

The robot uses a roller brush rotating at a speed of 130±10 rpm to dry-clean the panels. The Gen.6 ARCS measures 2,500 mm x 418 mm x 238 mm.

“The robot can handle land undulations up to 15 degrees,” said Shailendra. “The torsional structure allows it to twist from zero to forty degrees while walking.”

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