Renac unveils high-voltage hybrid inverters for residential applications

Renac Power’s new hybrid inverters have efficiency ratings of up to 97.5% and European efficiency ratings of 97.2%. They are available in four versions, with power outputs ranging from 3 kW to 6 kW.

Renac Power has developed new single-phase hybrid inverters for residential PV projects. The Chinese battery and inverter supplier has described the N1 HV inverters as high-voltage devices with high efficiency and reliability.

“The hybrid inverter supports 150% oversized PV power,” a company spokesperson told pv magazine.

They can work with existing on-grid inverters, regardless of the brand, and can also operate without batteries, which customers are free to add, according to the company. The inverters are available in four versions, with power outputs ranging from 3 kW to 6 kW. The devices measure 506 mm x 386 mm x 170 mm and weigh in at 20 kg.

The new products have efficiency ratings ranging from 97.42% to 97.50% and a European efficiency rating of 97.15% to 97.20%. They feature two maximum power point tracking (MPPT) points, with MPPT voltage range between 120 V to 550 V. The maximum PV power input is 4.5 kW for the 3kW inverters and 9 kW for the 6 kW devices. The maximum input voltage is 600 V.

The inverters have an operating temperature range of -35 C to 60 C and IP66-rated protection. They are certified for the European market by TUV Rheinland and for the Brazilian market by INMETRO. They feature lithium-ion batteries with voltages ranging from 80 V to 450 V, with a maximum charge/discharge current of 25 A.

“The RENAC hybrid inverter is very flexible, working in different residential scenarios by selecting from the five working modes, including self-use Mode, force time use mode, backup mode, feed-in-use mode, and EPS mode,” the company said.

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