Weiheng Ecactus releases 233 kWh all-in-one battery system

Weiheng Ecactus has unveiled its new Tianuwe battery system, with 233 kWh of capacity and 100 kW of output, giving users the flexibility to connect up to 10 units in parallel.

Chinese battery supplier Weiheng Ecactus has launched “Tianuwe,” its new 233 kWh all-in-one storage system. The systems feature lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP) batteries from Chinese battery giant CATL, with a rated power output of 100 kW.

“With just one Tianwu unit, you can get a complete all-in-one battery energy storage system including power conversion system (PCS), battery, battery management system (BMS), and energy management system (EMS),” a company spokesperson told pv magazine. “You can also expand your capacity by connecting up to 10 units in parallel.”

The manufacturer said the battery uses air cooling and liquid cooling, and claimed that the temperature deviation of battery cells is maintained within a 3 C range. The battery’s specifications include a rated voltage of 832 V, a maximum output power of 110 kW, and an IP54 protection level.

The all-in-one solution weighs 2.7 tons. It measures 2.1 meters x 1.4 meters x 1.35 meters. It includes safety features such as circuit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, and over-temperature protection.

“This cutting-edge solution has demonstrated success in diverse applications, including packaging plants, metal processing factories, and highway toll stations,” said the company.

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