Viessmann unveils air source heat pump for residential, commercial applications

German manufacturer Viessmann says its new heat pumps have a coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 4.57 and a seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) of up to 4.4. The pumps have a heating output ranging from 32 kW to 128 kW, and a cooling capacity of 34 kW to 139 kW.

Germany-based heating specialist Viessmann has developed a new line of air-source heat pumps for residential and commercial applications.

“The heat pump is designed for residential developments, small- to mid-scale commercial and public sector applications,” the manufacturer said. “All models provide both heating and active cooling within a single appliance and can be operated in bi- or monovalent modes.”

The Vitocal 220-A Pro comes in three versions, with heating outputs of 32 kW, 64 kW, and 128 kW, as well as a cooling capacity of 34 kW, 69 kW, and 139 kW.

The smallest product measures 775 mm x 1,260 mm x 2,115 mm and weighs 460 kg. The largest model measures 2,130 mm x 2,260 mm x 2,265 mm and weighs 1,850 kg.

All of the systems are reportedly able to provide a maximum flow temperature of 65 C at -7 C.

“This makes it ideal for modernization projects where integration with existing systems is required,” said Viessmann.

The company said the heat pump has a COP of up to 4.57 and a SCOP of up to 4.4. It uses refrigerant R407C, which is non-flammable and has a global warming potential (GWP) of 1774.

“This means units can be placed anywhere, including under windows or next to drains,” the company said. “Vibration decoupling also ensures the Vitocal 200-A Pro is exceptionally quiet in operation; at A7/W35 (outside air temperature 7o C and DHW 35o C), the total sound power level is 69.7 – 71.6 dB(A).”

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