Swiss canton to cover road with 14 MW of solar

The Swiss canton of Fribourg says it plans to cover a roadway with 14 MW of solar panels. The authorities are now conducting an in-depth feasibility study, to be followed by a financial plan for the project.

From pv magazine Germany

Solar panels over roadways have thus far been limited to pilot projects, even though such installations are not a new idea. The German Federal Ministry of Transport, for example, is currently working on a 33 kW roadway PV project.

However, the technology is now set for deployment in the Swiss canton of Fribourg, where solar modules will span the H189 roadway. They will be mounted on embankments on both sides, covering an estimated 89,000 square meters. The PV system will offer a total output of around 14 MW.

The Swiss authorities are now working on an in-depth feasibility study, to be followed by a financial plan. The canton says the project is in line with its PV strategy, which was released in August 2023. It plans to achieve annual PV electricity production of 0.6 TWh by 2035 and 1.3 TWh by 2050.

It says its top priority is to add photovoltaics to systems integrated into buildings and infrastructure. It says its second aim is to use “less sensitive open spaces.”

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