Spanish gas provider tests hydrogen-powered residential water heater tech

Madrileña Red de Gas is testing a heating system prototype developed by Germany company Vaillant that uses exclusively green hydrogen. The 25 kW system is equivalent in shape and size to a current natural gas heating system.

From pv magazine Spain

Madrileña Red de Gas (MRG), a gas distribution company operating in Madrid, is testing its new green hydrogen heating system aimed at generating heat and domestic hot water at one of its facilities.

German heating company Vaillant, Madrid-based gas provider Centralgas and Barcelona-based gas company Carburos Metálicos collaborated on the project.

Vaillant provided the 25 kW prototype, which only works with green hydrogen and is the same shape and size as a conventional natural gas heating system.

Centralgas designed the system’s interior body that transports renewable hydrogen from the storage tank to the boiler and is made of the same materials as conventional residential boilers.

Meanwhile, MRC is developing its first project that would supply and produce green hydrogen in homes. The product is intended to cover the electricity and domestic hot water needs of 100 residential units in Valdemoro and Madrid.

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