Solum launches new PV pavement

Solum has developed the Arena solar panel, which serves as anti-slip flooring for roofs and terraces. The manufacturer says it is as efficient as conventional PV modules, with a calculated return on investment in four years in Spain.

From pv magazine Spain

Spanish startup Solum has developed walkable solar pavement. Its Arena panels are designed for installation on roofs and terraces as active spaces, said Solum co-founder Luis Muñoz Lombardo. The panels, measuring 120 cm x 67 cm, are made of standard silicon. They are compatible with various floor types and are easy to clean.

The company said the panels offer easy installation, with an anti-slip surface and a maximum surface temperature of 60 C. Solum claims a return on investment between four and seven years across Europe, which makes them competitive with traditional solar panels.

The company said it aims to install the panels in locations such as hotel terraces, office buildings, sports centers, and residential complexes. It said it is also open to developing solar bike paths in partnership with interested cities.

The Arena panels are now available for order and will be ready for installation by late 2024 or early 2025.


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