RenewSys launches encapsulant for n-type TOPCon solar cells

RenewSys says its Conserv E–NT polyolefin elastomer (POE) encapsulant is specially designed to prevent the degradation of n-type TOPCon solar modules in the field.

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RenewSys has developed India’s first POE encapsulant for n-type TOPCon PV cells.

The manufacturer said its encapsulant, Conserv E–NT, contains a free radical scavenger that effectively shields TOPCon cells from irreversible damage caused by free radicals generated during day-to-day PV module operations. Some common causes of these attacks include fluctuating temperatures, high heat, water ingress, and chemicals from other components of the module.

Conserv E-NT features a wider lamination processing window, allowing for a larger range of acceptable operating conditions during lamination. This directly translates to increased throughput and higher productivity in module manufacturing plants by minimizing module rejections due to lamination issues.

Conserv E-NT is compatible with both one-side and two-side heat laminators. Its use in glass-glass TOPCon PV modules renders the modules bubble-free. The encapsulant also effectively restricts string shifting, a long-standing challenge in module production. These factors further contribute to a reduction in module rejection rates, ensuring a streamlined and efficient manufacturing process, said RenewSys.

Conserv E-NT suits both glass-glass and glass-backsheet n-type TOPCon solar modules.

“This encapsulant will help manufacturers reap many rewards as more and more Indian Module manufacturers introduce their TOPCon offerings,” said Avinash Hiranandani, vice chairman and managing director of RenewSys. “It also ensures that deterioration of TOPCon modules in the field during day-to-day operations is prevented, providing confidence to end customers—homes and businesses adopting solar power.”

RenewSys is an integrated PV module manufacturer with 2.5 GW of panel production capacity, 6 GW of encapsulants, 4 GW of backsheets, and 130 MW of PV cells. It has produced and supplied more than 22 GW of encapsulants and backsheets throughout the world.

RenewSys is the renewable energy unit of Enpee Group.

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