Qcells to deploy Lumet’s fine-line metallization tech

Qcells says it will use Lumet’s fine-line metallization technology for its solar cells, for higher efficiency and lower production costs.

Qcells has agreed to deploy Israel-headquartered Lumet’s ultrafine-line metallization technology for its solar cell line.

The metallization step, which screen-prints conductive silver fingers onto the surface of solar cells, is widely considered the biggest cost in cell production. Efforts to reduce finger widths from the industry standard of 20 microns are aimed at cutting silver consumption, costs, and light shading, while also increasing efficiency.

Lumet says its technology can produce sub-10 micron finger widths, offering higher cell efficiency and lower costs. Danielle Merfeld, EVP and global chief technology officer at Qcells, said Lumet’s technology is based on lengthy evaluation.

“We see tremendous potential in the Lumet metallization technology, which is a breakthrough on multiple fronts, setting records for finest lines, lowest cost, highest efficiency, highest speed and smallest footprint,” Merfeld said. “Innovation and clean energy technology are going to be critical to cutting global emissions and developing low cost, accessible, reliable energy for communities around the world.”

Qcells currently operates the largest solar panel factory of its kind in the United States. Earlier this year, it signed a PV module deal with Microsoft and entered into a recycling alliance with Solarcycle.

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