Pre-assembled residential solar canopy HelioWing product launches

World4Solar has launched a pre-assembled residential solar canopy, HelioWing, at an event in its warehouse in Miami, Florida.

From pv magazine USA

World4Solar recently held a launch event at its warehouse in Miami, Florida, to introduce HelioWing, a pre-constructed solar canopy structure.

The HelioWing is available in two base models, HelioWing 5 with 7.38 kWp and the HelioWing 7 with 9.84 kWp. The HelioWing 7 roof is made of 24 Aptos 400 W bifacial solar panels. The company uses Sol-Ark 12kW hybrid two-phase inverters for its canopy.

The canopy design can be customized with features like storage capacity or a carport with an electric-vehicle charger. The modular energy systems come preassembled and preconfigured. The unit comes equipped with motion sensor LED light strips.

World4Solar said the canopy should take about six hours to install, when set up by a certified installer on a prepared foundation. The HelioWing can be used grid-tied or off-grid. To operate off-grid, or to store electricity for later use, battery packs are available ranging from 8.3 to 24.9 kWh.

HelioWing is waterproof and has an average 20-year lifespan. The system comes with a 10-year warranty. The main structure is listed at MSRP $37,180, while the modules are priced at $5,044 and the inverters $6,825. A Tesla level 2 EV charger is priced at $1,625 while the battery system can range from about $7,500 to over $18,000 depending on products selected. The company also offers what it calls a “hurricane-hardened” canopy.

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