Portugal powered solely by renewables last weekend

Portugal generated 172.5 GWh of renewable electricity between Friday and Saturday. Its output included 97.6 GWh of wind, 68.3 GWh of hydro, and 6.6 GWh of PV. It exported surplus power to Spain, while consuming 131.1 GWh.

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Portugal relied solely on renewable energy last weekend, particularly wind and hydroelectric power, to meet electricity demand. It generated 172.5 GWh of renewable electricity and consumed 131.1 GWh between Friday night and Monday morning.

Wind contributed 97.6 GWh, hydroelectric 68.3 GWh, and photovoltaics 6.6 GWh, while exporting surplus power to Spain and taking advantage of favorable weather conditions.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Portugal boasts an installed renewable energy capacity of 16,329 MW, with over 7,500 MW from hydroelectric, approximately 5,500 MW from wind, and around 2,536 MW from PV.

In August, Portugal’s Ministry of the Environment awarded 5 GW of grid-connection permits, mainly for PV projects. All selected projects are expected to become operational by 2030.

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