Phnix releases residential air-to-water heat pump

The Chinese manufacturer said its new propane heat pump has a seasonal coefficient of performance exceeding 5.0.

Guangzhou-based heat pump manufacturer Phnix has launched a new air-to-water heat pump for residential applications.

Called R290 Everest Series Air to Water Heat Pump, the new product is based on an optimized compressor, a specially designed finned heat exchanger with flow paths, and a fluid simulation-designed air duct.

The heat pump uses propane (R290) as the refrigerant and has reportedly a seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) exceeding 5.0.

“The heat pump features an integrated DC inverter drive board that simultaneously controls both the fan and compressor, ensuring high efficiency and simplicity in electronic components,” the manufacturer said in a statement. “Additionally, the product comes equipped with rubber shock-absorbing feet for easy installation.”

The company also said that the system features a noise level below 40 decibels, thanks to a compressor soundproof cover. “Incorporating high-density, multilayer composite sound-absorbing cotton on the internal walls of the casing to minimize noise transmission,” it added, without providing technical details.


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