Mondragon Assembly supplies agrivoltaics production line in Greece

Mondragon Assembly says it is supplying Greece’s first manufacturing line for agrivoltaics. The production line has a capacity of 150 MW, with plans to upgrade to 300 MW, and is tailored for semi-transparent solar modules.

Spain’s Mondragon Assembly is developing a customized turnkey line for Brite Solar, a Greek PV module manufacturer, to make semi-transparent PV panels for agrivoltaic applications.

The facility, which is billed as the first PV manufacturing line for agrivoltaics in Greece, is expected to be fully operational by the end of this year.

The production line is tailored for semi-transparent PV modules using silicon solar cells. It is designed to accommodate various module designs, starting with 150 MW of capacity and plans to upgrade to 300 MW in the future.

“This is globally the only true agri-PV specific module manufacturing line since it combines the panel assembly process with coating of the glass panel to achieve higher photosynthetic active radiation for the plants under the panel,” said Mondragon Assembly.

The company noted that Brite Solar supplied its patented nanomaterials and deposition method.

“It is a very interesting project, both in terms of development and applicability of the module,” said Mondragon Assembly Area Sales Manager Izaro Aretxaga. “We believe that this future application will allow us to make a real difference in the solar sector and to take another step towards a more sustainable world.”

In November 2023, Mondragon Assembly provided French company Reden Solar with a 400 MW production line for agrivoltaic modules.

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