Midsummer secures funding for 200 MW Swedish solar factory

Swedish thin-film solar manufacturer Midsummer inked a deal with the European Union Innovation Fund grant to receive €32.3 million ($34.8 million) to pay for half of the company’s new copper indium gallium selenide solar module production facility to be built in Sweden.

The European Commission announced in July that Midsummer’s project DAWN – a 200 MW-per annum plant producing lightweight and flexible CIGS, thin-film solar cells and panels – was selected among 41 projects for the European Union Innovation Fund.

Midsummer announced on Monday the company successfully signed a grant funding deal with the European Commission for €32.3 million ($34.8 million) to pay for 50% of the yet-to-be-constructed “megafactory” costs.

Midsummer said in a press release it would secure the remainder of the funding through capital, loans and other unspecified public financing. The factory is tipped to produce thin cells suitable for European roofs in the first quarter of 2026.

Midsummer said its long-term goal is to expand the factory’s production to over 1 GW by 2030.

The company and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), claimed in March their jointly produced perovskite-CIGS solar cell reached 24.9% efficiency.

Midsummer is also constructing a solar cell and module production facility in Italy that is independent of the Swedish plant.


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