Longi introduces 630 W HPBC photovoltaic modules with 23.3% efficiency

The Chinese manufacturer said its new Hi-MO X6 Scientist series has a temperature coefficient of -0.28%/C and a power output ranging from 620 W to 630 W. They rely on the company’s proprietary hybrid passivated back contact (HPBC) cell technology.

Chinese solar module manufacturer Longi has unveiled a new module series based on its proprietary hybrid passivated back contact (HPBC) cell technology.

The company has yet to explain exactly what HPBC is, but it is believed to be an extension of p-type interdigitated back-contact (IBC) technology that combines the structural advantages of PERC, TOPCon, and IBC solar. Additionally, BC technology can be combined with p-type wafers, for which Longi has substantial production capacities, giving it an advantage over the more common IBC technology.

The new Hi-MO X6 Scientist panel is available in three versions with power output ranging from 620 W to 630 W and power conversion efficiency spanning from 23.0% to 23.3%. The open-circuit voltage is between 52.72 V and 53.02 V and the short-circuit current is between 14.93 A and 15.07 A.

The modules have a temperature coefficient of -0.28%/C and a maximum system voltage of 1,500. Their size is 2,382 mm x 1,134 mm x 30 mm and their weight is 28.5 kg. They also feature IP68 junction boxes, an anodized aluminum alloy frame, and 3.2 mm coated tempered glass.

The new products come with a 25-year linear power output warranty, with the 25-year end power output being guaranteed to be no less than 89.4% of the nominal output power.

“The Hi-MO X6 series represents a significant milestone for the company, following the industry-wide consensus on module size standards reached by nine manufacturers and subsequent agreement on wafer size standards by six manufacturers in July and August 2023 respectively,” Longi said in a statement. “The Hi-MO X6 series entered mass production in the current quarter, with a complete transition for all mainstream products expected by Q3 2024.”

In March, Longi launched its Hi-MO X6 Explorer and Hi-MO X6 Guardian modules.


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