Leapton Energy launches 20.48 kWh residential battery

Japan’s Leapton Energy has developed EH-A05, a 20.48 kWh residential battery featuring storage capacities starting at 5.12 kWh, with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries.

Kobe-based Leapton Energy has released a new energy storage system for residential applications. Its EH-A05 system features 5.12 kWh LFP batteries. It includes either one, two, three, or four batteries, which can store up to 20.48 kWh.

“It is compatible with 80% of mainstream energy storage inverter brands,” the company said. “With easy plug-and-play installation method, users can install within one hour by themselves.”

All four modules measure 875 mm wide and 195 mm deep. The 5.12 kWh system is 560 mm high and weighs 70 kg, while the 10.24 kWh system measures 840 mm and weighs 125 kg. The 15.36 kWh battery is 1,120 mm high and weighs 180 kg, while the 20.48 kWh system reaches a height of 1,400 mm and weighs 235 kg.

“The EH-A05 is equipped with a battery management smart control system and real-time feedback on charging and discharging data,” the company said. “A smart home management system app allows 24/7 consumption monitoring.”

Leapton Energy said that all of the systems have a lifetime of at least 6,000 cycles.  Their operating temperature is between -20 C and 50 C, and they can handle humidity levels ranging from 5% to 95%. The company also offers a 12-year warranty with the batteries.

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