JinkoSolar to give TOPCon patents to rivals in exchange for licensing fees

JinkoSolar is offering its n-type tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) patents to competitors to encourage technological development and prevent legal conflicts.

JinkoSolar has granted n-type TOPCon technology patents to a number of undisclosed solar module companies.

Undisclosed PV manufacturers can use specific patented TOPCon technologies from JinkoSolar by paying licensing fees. The company has not disclosed any details regarding the fees or the products, but it claims ownership of 330 TOPCon technology patents.

“This IP transaction between JinkoSolar and Licensee is a strategic win-win move by both companies, potentially strengthening the respective positions of the two companies in the markets,” JinkoSolar said in a statement.

Various high-tech industries engage in patent transactions to foster innovation, collaboration, and prevent legal disputes, so JinkoSolar’s move is not exclusive to the PV sector.

This post appeared first on PV Magazine.

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