GoodWe opens inverter factory in Vietnam

China’s GoodWe has commenced operations at a manufacturing facility in Vietnam. The plant specializes in grid-tied and hybrid inverters.

GoodWe, a China-based PV inverter manufacturer, has started operations at its first overseas manufacturing plant in Haiphong, Vietnam.

The facility covers approximately 14,800 square meters and will initially specialize in the production of grid-tied and hybrid inverters. It will cater to markets in North America and key Asian regions with tailored offerings for residential, commercial and industrial (C&I)and utility applications.

“The factory is expected to achieve an annual capacity of approximately 5 GW once Phase I’s production lines reach full operational status,” a company spokesperson told pv magazine.

The company said it expects that establishing production in Vietnam will enhance its price competitiveness in global markets. It said product quality is ensured by a range of intelligent manufacturing techniques incorporated at the new facility, including quality traceability and digital monitoring.

“We are dedicated to establishing an overseas benchmark factory, showcasing operational excellence, and replicating success across our global markets in the future,” said GoodWe CEO Daniel Huang.

The new facility marks the third factory in GoodWe’s manufacturing network. In February, the company released a 60 kWh battery for C&I solar systems and announced plans to enter the Australian materials industry through a partnership with Alspec.

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