French startup unveils plug-and-play PV

France’s Sunology says its new Play Max system is “the world’s first plug-and-play station with an integrated modular battery.”

From pv magazine Spain

Sunology has launched Play Max. It said it is “the first plug-and-play station with an integrated modular battery in the world” and claimed that it can be installed “in two minutes.”

The new system features a 450 Wp double-glass solar panel with 108 tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) cells and a 700 Wh modular battery, for up to five extra hours of daily solar power. It provides complete modularity, enabling connection of up to two battery stations together. Sunology offers it for purchase on its website starting from €1,379 ($1,490).

The Sunology hybrid battery can power a home in stationary mode or serve as an external battery with four connection ports, ensuring hours of energy independence. The 400 W microinverter accommodates up to two Play Max devices, in line with legal limits (maximum 800 W).

“Users only need to install two upper wall brackets, hang the solar station and secure the two remaining brackets at the bottom,” said Jochen Grünbeck, head of internationalization at Sunology. “This ease of installation ensures that the stations are safe on any type of wall where they are intended to be installed.”

Sunology provides a 25-year warranty covering the panel and microinverter, along with a 10-year warranty for the battery.

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