France’s Profils Systèmes unveils new solar veranda

Profils Systèmes, a French aluminum carpentry specialist, has developed Wallis&Energy, a new solar veranda that is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing buildings and new structures.

From pv magazine France

Profils Systèmes has developed a PV veranda that can be integrated into existing and new buildings.

“We developed this product more than fifteen years ago,” Denis Bounio, a sales manager for Profils Systèmes, told pv magazine France, noting that the rise in energy costs has brought this product back into fashion.

The Wallis&Energy photovoltaic veranda is a grid-connected PV system that can host solar modules with power outputs of up to 500 W and panels from a wide range of manufacturers.

The size of the photovoltaic panels may vary from 700 mm x 1,000 mm to 1,210 mm x 1,800 mm. Their thickness is between 26 mm and 50 mm, with the filling of the insulating panel ranging from 32 mm to 55 mm. The generators can be opaque, assembled on insulating panels, or semi-transparent, assembled in insulating glazing.

Integrated above the insulating panels, the solar modules provide ridges with troughs, allowing easy passage of electrical cables. The equipment benefits, as an option, from a box of remote roller shutters, a support for spotlights or LED strips and a support for blinds.

“It’s an interesting solution when you want to enlarge your house, especially since administrative procedures have been simplified and photovoltaic panels now offer much better yields,” Bounio explained.

Waterproofing is ensured from a 5% slope by sealed insulating panels sealed with ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) seals. Furthermore, installing panels on the roof of a veranda optimizes its insulation, by adding a layer of material that limits heat loss through the ceiling.

Profils Systèmes, based in Baillargues, France, is a unit of Groupe Corialis.

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