Endesa switches on 1.1 MW/ 5.5 MWh redox flow battery in Spain

Spanish utility Endesa has activated a 1.1 MW/5.5 MWh redox flow battery in Spain. It says it is the vanadium redox flow storage system connected to a PV plant in Europe. It is situated near Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands.

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Endesa, through its Enel Green Power Spain unit, has commissioned an energy storage system based on vanadium redox flow batteries at the Son Orlandis solar plant in Mallorca, Spain.

The 1.1 MW/5.5 MWh battery is the first energy storage plant that the company has built in Spain with this technology. It claimed that it is the largest vanadium flow battery to be paired with a PV plant in Europe.

“This type of battery has the advantage of having a useful life of over 20 years without suffering any degradation, which makes them very interesting to guarantee long-term storage, in this case, more than siy hours,” the company said in a statement. “In addition, they offer enormous security benefits.”

The storage system is linked to a 3.34 MW solar plant. The system’s capture and discharge operations are optimized based on renewable production and network needs, so demand peaks can be met.

The Son Orlandis battery system has been made in collaboration with Canadian manufacturer Largo, which provided its Vcharge cooling system. The system’s electrolyte has an “infinite” useful life and can be easily reused at the end of its useful life without degrading and without a negative impact on the environment, said Endesa.

Endesa won 72.4 MW of solar capacity in the latest renewable energy auctions for the Balearic Islands. The Orlandis PV plant is one of the awarded projects and was commissioned in 2022.

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