Comoros to revamp its solar-plus-storage offerings, network

The Government of Comoros wants to improve the supply and storage of solar on its islands and is inviting applications for the development, operation and maintenance of multiple PV plants with a combined output of 9 MW, as well as battery and storage facilities totaling 20 MWh.

The Government of Comoros is inviting developers to apply to develop, build and maintain a swag of solar plus storage projects aiming to improve the island’s PV supply.

The World Bank said in tender documents it allocated the Government of Comoros $42.60 million to improve the country’s commercialization and distribution of PV. According to the World Bank, the works will help ensure electricity stability, reduce breakdowns and improve the balance between supply and demand.

Projects consist of a 6 MW solar plant and 15 MWh storage facility on the island of Grand Comores, a 2 MW solar plant and 3 MWh storage facility on the island of Anjouan, and a 1 MW solar plant and 1 MWh storage facility on the island of Mohéli.

Other works include improving the distribution networks of Sonelec, the country’s national utility, as well as building a Sonelec dispatching center and offering operational training. Developers are also invited to apply to install a PV-powered public lighting system in the country’s capital Moroni.

The deadline for applications is December 21.

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