Brazil’s new PV additions hit 6 GW in January-April period

Brazil added 6 GW of new PV capacity between January and April. ABSolar, the Brazilian PV association, says the country has now cumulatively deployed 43 GW of solar capacity, with around 24 GW from PV systems below 75 kW in size.

From pv magazine Brazil

According to PV association ABSolar, solar has surpassed 43 GW of installed capacity in Brazil.

About 29.2 GW of this capacity comes from distributed-generation PV systems under 5 MW, while 13.8 GW comes from large-scale PV plants over 5 MW. ABSolar said that around 24 GW of the distributed-generation capacity is from PV systems under 75 kW in size.

From January to May of this year, 6 GW of solar were added to the national electrical mix. The share of PV is now equivalent to 18.2% of the installed capacity in the Brazilian electricity mix.

“The exponential growth of solar energy reflects the popularization and great attractiveness of photovoltaic technology in Brazil, both for consumers in their homes, businesses and rural properties and for the expansion of the National Interconnected System with larger plants,” said Ronaldo Koloszuk, the chairman of the board for Absolar.

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