Brazilian regulator opens consultations on storage integration

Aneel, the Brazilian energy regulator, has launched a plan to implement new storage provisions in three phases. It has also defined storage resources and services to be provided this year and has outlined new rules for pumped hydro facilities in 2024.

From pv magazine Brazil

Aneel has approved the opening of a public consultation to discuss alternative regulatory solutions for the integration of storage systems in the Brazilian electricity sector.

The proposal aims to advance the regulatory process to allow the integration of storage systems, including pumped storage plants, as a tool to support the sustainable energy transition.

Aneel will implement the provisions in three phases. Phase one (2022-23) focuses on defining storage resources and services, including addressing access, regulatory adjustments, and eliminating barriers, lasting 18 months. Phase two (2023-24) deals with pumped hydro storage specifics and regulatory sandboxes for revenue stacking, also lasting 18 months.

In the last cycle (2024-25), Aneel will explore complex topics, including the creation of aggregators, computational model simulations, new business models for curtailment mitigation and revenue stacking. This 18-month phase aims to facilitate the integration of new storage solutions into the Brazilian electricity sector, with five specific objectives supported by eight normative and five non-normative solutions.

The Public Consultation will receive contributions from 10/19 to 12/18/23, through an electronic form, on the Forms platform, which will be made available in Public Consultation No. 039/2023 at this link.

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