Bauer Solar warns about counterfeit solar modules under its brand name

Several containers with fake glass-glass module are said to be in circulation in Europe. Germany’s Bauer Solar has taken legal action against the counterfeiters, who are suspected to be based in China. It said the fake panels can be identified by the packaging and a lack of wooden reinforcements for the pallets.

From pv magazine Germany

Germany-based PV manufacturer Bauer Solar has warned that its solar modules have been counterfeited. A number of European customs authorities have informed the company about several containers of fake Bauer Solar products now in circulation in Europe.

Bauer Solar said that a Chinese company made the counterfeits and shipped them to Europe. These are purportedly Bauer Solar’s glass-glass modules, with a power output of 420 W.

The manufacturer said there are subtle differences in the packaging, which may be difficult to recognize. The counterfeit versions also lack wooden reinforcements at the bottom of the pallets, which is the usual way to transport Bauer Solar’s glass-glass solar modules.

The authorities confiscated unregistered deliveries during customs inspections, prompting Bauer Solar to take legal action against the counterfeiters.

The counterfeit modules have not undergone any quality controls by accredited testing bodies and therefore do not have certifications, according to Bauer Solar. As a result, the counterfeiters and also the buyers are at risk and liable to prosecution for aiding and abetting product counterfeiting and piracy, it said.

Bauer Solar has asked dealers and installers to exercise particular caution and report counterfeit goods to its team. The fake modules are being offered at very low prices, so “dumping prices should be seen as an alarm signal,” it said. It added that it is seeking additional information on the matter.

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