Premier Energies unveils India’s first M10 bifacial solar cell

Premier Energies has become India’s first solar manufacturer to develop a bifacial monocrystalline silicon PERC solar cell based on the 182 mm format. The cell has an efficiency rating of up to 23.2%.

From pv magazine India

Premier Energies has developed India’s first bifacial mono PERC solar cell based on an M10 wafer (182 mm). The cell has a conversion efficiency rating of up to 23.2%. It also has an open-circuit voltage of 0.68 V, a short-circuit current of 13 A, and a fill factor of 82%.

“The 182 mm wafer size is the most economically viable option, based on an in-depth analysis of various geographical conditions along the industrial value chain,” said Premier Energies, which has an integrated solar manufacturing facility in Hyderabad.

Premier Energies now has 2 GW of module capacity and 750 MW of cell (182 mm mono PERC) capacity. It plans to grow to 8 GW of modules, 4 GW of cells, and 2 GW of ingots and wafers by 2025. It said it will add 2 GW of module capacity and 1.25 GW of cell new capacity within the next six months.

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